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Driver Power New Car Survey Results

aex DP

You've given us your opinion now make sure you don't miss out on the results (and your FREE GIFT)!

Driver Power is the UK’s number one car customer satisfaction survey and it’s getting bigger and better every year. You can make sure you get the results delivered straight to your door free of charge in April and find out all the winners (and losers) before anyone else.

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Your FREE welcome gift toolkit

Keyless entry and starting for your car is convenient and user-friendly, but it does leave you vulnerable to hi-tech thieves. These criminals use relay attack devices to ‘read’ the key from outside your house. With the code copied, they can simply drive off in your vehicle. 

Storing your key in a Faraday bag, lined with layers of metallic material, is the way to foil them and keep your car safe. The key needs to be placed inside the bag from the moment you plip the locks. It can also be used for credit cards to prevent hacking and fraud.

Effectively blocks incoming & outgoing signals from Rfid, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS & Even Phone Calls. Includes instructions inside.

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